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Create a Strategy that Drives Success with Brand Constellations

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Marketing Professionals and Brand Managers

Marketing professionals and Brand Managers

Entrepreneneurs and Startup Owners

Business Strategists

Business Strategists

Creative Directors and Consultants

Creative Directors

 Join brand expert Steven Silverman in a 6-week Masterclass exploring the Brand Constellations Framework, empowering you to navigate the branding universe with confidence and creativity. 

Whether you're a new startup or an established business, this master class will help you create a powerful Brand Constellation that connects with your audience.

You will learn to use the Brand Constellations Framework, a revolutionary branding approach that combines 8 critical dimensions into a cohesive strategy. Learn how this framework can illuminate your brand's path to stellar success.

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6 Branding Challenges all Businesses Must Overcome!

Stand Out

In a galaxy of competitors, a strong brand helps your business stand out. It's not just about a logo or a tagline; it's about carving a unique identity.

Retain Customers

Branding isn't a one-time activity; it's an ongoing process of building relationships. A brand that resonates with its audience on an emotional level encourages loyalty.

Expand Markets

Effective branding is not just for immediate sales; it’s about setting the stage for long-term growth. It helps in scaling the business, entering new markets, and even introducing new products or services.

Navigate Changes

A strong brand foundation offers the flexibility to adapt to market changes without losing your core identity.

Enhance Perceptions

A local craft brewery using the Brand Constellations approach might focus not just on the quality of its beers but also on its community involvement, sustainable practices, and distinctive branding. 

Building Trust

A well-crafted brand communicates professionalism and stability. It assures customers that they're dealing with a reputable entity and reduces their sense of risk. 

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Here's what you can expect from the course:


After completing this master class, you will fully grasp how to utilize the Brand Constellations Framework to dominate the branding world with a dynamic and expansive strategy.


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About the Brand Constellations Course Creator

Steven Silverman, Ph.D. is a visionary marketing strategist and branding expert with consulting, management, and academic experience that spans over three decades. Steven's work is centered around transforming brands and taking them to new heights with innovative strategies and practical insights. Recognized for his contributions by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, Mars, Bose, and DuPont, he consistently delivers creative, results-oriented strategies by leveraging complex data.

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