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Creating a strong and successful brand

Doesn't happen accidentally

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Are you ready to strategically redefine your brand?

Every brand that has lasted the test of time, created raving customers with unbeatable loyalty and stood out from its competitors, was designed deliberately. So if you want to create a strong, successful, powerful brand - you have to do what they did and take a strategic approach.

Step 1: Create meaning using the hardwiring in our brains

Our brains have adapted to take in millions of data points, filter them, and create meaning from them. How does that happen? Our brain assembles separate pieces of information into a whole concept.

Looking at the image you see 3 random dots.


When context is added around them...

It becomes clear that they are stars in a constellation.

Your brand is a constellation built on 8 key dimensions

Every interaction potential customers have with your brand… Every thought they have about it… Every experience can be classified into one of the 8 key dimensions that form your brand constellation.

If you clearly define your brand in each of these dimensions, you’ll have the foundation for a strong, successful, powerful brand

- because...

You will guide the market on what and how to think about your brand

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To be clear, brands are more than fancy logos and pretty fonts


Yes, colors, fonts, and all of those design elements hold an important part in creating a memorable brand… but that’s the key - they’re just a part of it.

You could have the most beautiful, memorable colors, but if there’s no solid strategy behind it - it will just be an empty shell.

Without a strategic foundation, your brand will be a few well-designed dots, but it’ll never be seen as Orion's belt. That’s why you need to implement Step 2

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Step 2: Use a Proven Process to Create Your Powerful Brand

This course is a distillation of all the most important ideas I’ve learned over the past 40 years.

It combines the theoretical aspects of branding I’ve discovered during my research and the practical aspects I’ve figured out from consulting to dozens of companies of all sizes and working at Microsoft and Dupont.

We’ll start with going over exactly what a brand is - because if we don’t have a common understanding of this concept everything else is meaningless.

Then I’ll walk you through the process of designing your own brand constellation and give you a clear framework.

You’ll get a clear, comprehensive process on structuring your brand for each of the 8 key dimensions, and how to communicate your brand so it creates a memorable impact on potential customers in each of those dimensions.

I know this may sound like a lot, but I’ve designed this course to be digestible, actionable, and practical.

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Here’s a peek inside the 5 modules that make up this certificate course in brand management:

Welcome to Your New Brand

In this module we’ll set up the foundations required to succeed, go over the big picture plan, and set up your calendar to take the next 2-3 weeks to complete the plan.

What is a Brand?

What is a brand? Wittingly or unwittingly every company has a brand. But if you don’t know what a brand is it is hard to intentionally create a good one. Once you know, you can begin to build yours effectively!

Designing Your Brand Constellation

Intentionally creating an effective brand requires a plan. Here’s where you will develop your brand plan on the 8 dimensions of a brand constellation that fit the market’s mind. You will define what people need to know to clearly understand your brand.

Managing Your Brand Constellation

Creating the brand constellation plan is just the first step in managing the brand. In this section we will explore the process of activating the brand, studying it in the market, and adjusting the 8 dimensions to best fit the market’s mind.

Brand Constellation Management Integration

In the end, it is critical to connect your own ideas together by integrating the ideas presented in the course. Bringing everything together will solidify your learning and improve your actions in the future.

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Hi, I’m Steven Silverman

I am a marketer and strategist. I see strategic and marketing problems as practical choices that can be informed with thoughtful research, analysis, and communication. With insights from qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary research, these efforts can build meaningful brands in the market's mind. To this end, I have managed multi-million dollar annual budgets and driven executive decisions on marketing and strategy across a range of industries, including: software, electronic components, chemical fibers, integrated circuits, pet food, personal care, life and health insurance, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, online retail, not-for-profit organizations, and others. I also worked in marketing management for Microsoft (market research, product strategy, and product management) and DuPont (led marketing research for the fibers division). And I managed client projects, and consulted in marketing and business growth for Monitor Company. I earned a Ph.D. in marketing and strategy from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA in marketing and a BA in psychology and communications, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Based on research that I conducted, I wrote Brand Constellations. The course presents an approach for building a brand more effectively based on how people think about brands.

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