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Building the Brand Difference With the Brand Constellations Framework

By leveraging these distinctions, Brand Constellations LLC not only helps businesses build compelling brands but also ensures these brands have the resilience and adaptability to thrive in dynamic market conditions.

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Meet Our Founder Steven Silverman, PhD

Hi. I am Steven Silverman, Founder and Principal at Brand Constellations LLC. I have over three decades of experience as a marketing strategist and branding expert in consulting, management, and academia. I transform brands using innovative strategies and practical insights.Ā 

I have worked for and consulted with Microsoft, Amazon, Mars, Bose, DuPont, and others, as well as startups. I specialize in delivering strategies that are creative, results-oriented, and award-winning.

At Brand Constellations LLC, I developed a groundbreaking brand management model rooted in my published research, that surpasses conventional marketing methods. The Brand Constellations Framework is based on practical observations across eight different brand dimensions. It transforms the way organizations approach brand strategy. By shaping narratives and strategic direction, I've influenced and inspired organizations with this innovative approach, showcasing the power of branding.

I am passionate about promoting education and sharing knowledge. I bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application, preparing future leaders to navigate the complex world of marketing with insight and integrity.

As someone with a PhD and MBA in Marketing, I currently teach MBA and Executive MBA students at Washington State University Global Campus. I was a full-time professor at Washington State. I taught courses at Claremont Graduate University and Western Washington University. I also serve on the Marketing Advisory Council at DePaul University.Ā 

I believe that ideas have the power to create meaningful change, and that is at the core of my philosophy. Through consistent innovation, strategic foresight, and creative execution, I stress the importance of great ideas for achieving business success. I am at the forefront of propelling branding and marketing strategies forward, utilizing engaging brand narratives, dynamic campaigns, and strategic brand development.

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